northern MN rivers

Was up in northern MN-superior national forest this spring, and took a few photos of the whitewater there. This is for all you WW kayakers.

Interesting shots. We came through
there from Canada late one July, and of course nearly everything tumbling into Lake Superior was way too low to run. Many paddlers in the lower 48 are quite unaware of what’s up there.

Northern MN whitewater
Yeah, I was also up in July (for some flatwater) & nothing was runnable.This spring with the floods up there,never seen it that high. Curious, you’re from canada, what part? Heard thunder bay area has some great WW.

We had come up I-75, then circled west
around Lake Superior, then down the MN coast. We’ve come up to Lake Superior and Lake Huron several times from Atlanta. It’s less than a 2 day drive to get through Sault St. Marie and into Canada.

I’ve never been far enough into steep creeking to do most of those rivers in MN. There are some lower gradient runs that are still going in the summer, in some years. This was a bad year for everyone, though. We came down through Wisconsin and checked the Wolf. There were a few trying to paddle it, but not me.

knife river
the photo labeled “knife river in duluth” is actually the beaver river in beaver bay.

Northern minnesota WW
Yeah, well I took a lot of photos & can’t remember exactly where I was on a few of them. Was at the sucker river, knife, french, baptism,gooseberry, Hog creek etc… was at Duluth, beaver bay, silver bay, two harbors & finland on this trip. Should probably tag my photos right away when I get back !!