Northern Paddler canoe company?

Anybody ever heard of a canoe manufacturer called Northern Paddler. I am looking at a pretty nice looking solo 12.5 ft fiberglass canoe that has in large decals on each side NORTHERN PADDLER 12.6. This canoe IS NOT chopper gun fiberglass but appears to be tight-knit hand-laid fabric type fiberglass. No keel. Any help?

Out of business
The place is listed as only being in business for less than a year and that was 10 years ago.

There can’t be that many people who have even seen one let alone answer your questions. Good luck.

What’s the beam? Narrow enough
that it will cruise OK? I had a 13’ Mad River, 30" wide, that cruised quite acceptably, although it had to be forced to turn.

Even if the company is out of business, a fiberglass layup means that the canoe is very repairable.

any luck with Northern Paddler canoe?
Just wondering if you had any luck repairing your Northern Paddler canoe? We just inherited one and it has minor damage on the bottom that we’d like to repair, but we’re having trouble finding any manufacturer data on the materials and suggested materials. Thanks!