Northern Vermont Kayak scene

whats paddling like up in northern vermont (and the rest of northern new england)

i’m thinking of moving there after i graduate

Very nice but
get someone to give you a drysuit as a graduation present. It can be a short season otherwise.

I live in NE VT
and I paddle in a wetsuit for about a month and a half total each year. Other than that paddling in Northern Vermont is great. The season is from mid April to November depending on the weather of course. I paddled in early December one year. I only paddle in Champlain a few times a year because of the drive. There are plenty of great places to paddle in the Kindom and beyond, Magog, Umbagog in NH, GRRSP in Hyde Park VT, and the CT River just to mention a couple.

Here is a VT joke;

Why would someone move to Burlington?

To be near Vermont of course.



My thoughts

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You have quite a diversity of waters that in my opinion, are suited to canoeing and kayaking. Lake Champlain on the west and the Connecticut River and dammed lakes to the east. You have a number of beautiful smaller bodies with moose and loons around. From Green River Reservior in Vermont to Lake Umbagog in NH, this is a region I do love and occasionally travel to. If I had a choice in northern Vermont,

New York is even Better!
The Lake Champlain valley is a wonderful place to live and paddle. Lake Champlain offers superb sea kayaking 9-10 months per year (6 of those in a drysuit), though some small areas stay open nearly all winter. Plus, there are great streams and smaller lakes nearby AND the St. Lawrence river just an hour to the north.

The New York side of the Champlain Valley(where I live, of course) is rural and fairly poor, but home to the Adirondack Park’s 6 million acres, great wilderness paddling, and lots of islands in the public domain.

No matter what side of Lake Champlain you move to, it’s “a great place to live, but a hard place to make a living.”

Happy paddling,

New England’s West Coast
Champlain affords a vast array of paddling. Sea Kayaker had a good article a while ago.

It may not be a Great Lake, but it is a pretty darn good one :wink:

what part of Vt?

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keep in mind that in the north, eastern vs. western vermont are world's apart. Beyond the paddling, northwestern Vermont has the benefits of one of America's top rated small cities, Burlington, for cultural and social things, health-care, colleges, stores, etc. NE Vermont is very northwoodsy rural and isolated, especially in winter.

There is nothing remote or isolated
the Northeast Kingdom in the winter. We have great skiing, colleges, museums, concerts and cultural events. Hell we even have telephones. You obviously have never visited the NEK. I travel extensively for work and have never missed a plane, train or have I ever been stranded in the winter. Two interstates connect right here. I think perhaps you are falling into the same crack that most Burlingtoners fall into when they talk about the NEK. Generally when I ask if they have ever been here they usually respond with “oh geez no it’s too far away”. I’ve been to NE NY and it is beautiful, Burlington is a wonderful city just poorly run. If I had to live in a city in our region I’d choose Plattsburg. It just seems like they have a bit more on the ball that NW Vermont.


Or try It is the club on Champlain. They have a message board.