Northern Vermont.

I am going to be in the vicinity of Craftsbury Commons in June, and wondered if any of you know any good flat water sites to take in, and if there are any decent outfitters in the area.


Seems to me there is (or used to be) a small lake almost in town which had a high level rowing club on it. Obviously the lake is still there and so may be the put in and other facilities. Sorry I don’t recall more than that, but you might try Googling for info.

Vermont Destination
I recommend checking out Harvey’s Lake in West Barnet, VT. Mid-size lake, some power boats, moderately developed. You may see loons, minks, beavers. Jacques Cousteau used to practice diving there – very deep.

I paddled some park
that was just north of alberg one time and liked it. Can’t remember the name. Not especially remote, though we were the only boat on the water. Pretty land up there.