Northern Wisconsin - Bug Season

I would like to go kayak camping in northern Wisconsin in May or June. I know certain times are worse for biting bugs – flies and such – than others. Can any of you who live up there or travel their regularly tell me what time to avoid? I was thinking early May would be good (i.e., less crowded) because school would still be going on and the water/weather might be chillier than some would like.

N Wis
You didn’t say where exactly you will be paddling. Generally the closer you get to Lake Superior in May or early June the more likely it’s going to be too cold for bugs to be out. But speaking from experience, if you happen to get a warm day and you paddle on streams and rivers at least in NW Wis (Bois Brule good example), I can assure you that the black flies will be there to greet you on any warm day past about May 10 through mid June. Skeeters to follow in the late afternoon and evening…

Beware of ticks
Northern Wisconsin has a ton of them. Walk around in the grass in May and your legs will be covered with the little red bastards.

Solon Springs area
seems to have a varying selection from late May to mid August. Mosquitoes most all season if it’s wet.

Black Flies – blcccchhh
Yes, the black flies are what I’m seeking to avoid. Sounds like I should aim for early May. I’m looking at the Minocqua area. Nearly all of my visits there have been to cross-country ski andd snowshoe. I’d like to see more of its non-frozen beauty. I know there are lakes up there with water-access-only campsites.

Paddle Northwoods
Hi, I live between Minocqua and Lac du Flambeau in Northern Wisconsin, and my wife and I would love to show you around. Don’t worry about the bugs. You deal with it. Have some spray handy. We never let bugs keep us from paddling. We enjoy kayak camping on the bigger lakes. Maybe that’s why the bugs don’t bother us so much. I suppose if you paddle slow rivers you would get eatin up. Let us know when you wish to come and we’ll show you are favorite spots. Any time after June 9th. We’re both teachers and free any time after that date. Take a look at the review I wrote, here on Pnet on Trout Lake. It’s a jewel, 18 miles of shoreline with most of the shore publicly owned in the state forest system. Wonderful paddle to camp sites too. We’re going over to Trout Lake in the morning to see if the ice has loosened it’s grip at all. Gonna be in the 60’s next week so maybe the ice will be breaking up soon. Email us if you wish.

Agonogos, (Paul)