Northern Wisconsin Suggestions

Hey! I need some help. My brother and I want to find some slower moving northern rivers with overnight camping. We are both using flatwater kayaks and would feel comfortable up to short class II water. We are looking early August. It has been years but have done the Namekagon and Upper St. Croix. I liked those waters and am looking for something similar in the northcentral or northeast parts of the state. Brother lives in Wausau area. Not looking to do the Wisconsin River. (I do that all the time.)

Menominee Watershed Canoe Trail
There is the Menominee Watershed Canoe Trail on the border of WI and the UP.

It’s dry up here…
Right now, it’s very dry all across northern Wisconsin. Unless we get at least a foot of rain in the next few weeks, I suggest avoiding a river trip. Maybe check out one or more flowages. Gordon, Chippewa, Turtle-Flambeau, etc… Could be some nice flatwater paddling that still gets you out away from the crowds. Most rivers are going to very dry and scratchy.


N. Wisconsin
We just returned this aft from paddling a portion of the Manitowish River in Iron County, WI. We went from east of the village of Manitowish down to Murray’s Landing on the eastern edge of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. The water seemed low, but there was plenty with the exception of two very small stretches. There are decent free DNR campsites every few miles. I can share more info, but am still unpacking and repacking for another paddle the next couple of days.

We used our canoes, and had some rookies with us, and did just fine. We saw several kayakers and other canoers, but were pretty much alone in mostly undeveloped areas. I’d take this trip again.

cYa, Jim

Are there any lakes close to
Exeland that I can paddle for the day?

The N frk of the Flambeau
I would recommend some sections of the N. Fork of the Flambeau. Put in at nine mile tavern of Hvy 70 and take out at camp 41 landing. This is an easy three day paddle. There are few CL I rapids in this stretch but all are easy. If you like a bit more WW you can keep on going and take out after Beaver Dam rapid there are two CL II rapid of some significance in this stretch. There a few outfiters in the area that can shuttle you if you need it.

Straight east on 48 2 miles is a small lake WindFall. Easy access right on 48.

Otherwise I’d go west 18 miles back to the Birchwood area. Some bigger lakes there.

I heard that the Black River Falls
area has some excellent paddling…something to check out next time I go thru there…