Northstar solo waterline

Are the waterline widths specified for Northstar solo canoes measured at the 3" , 4" or some other waterline?

I’m guessing that it’s a 3" waterline because they show 25.5 for a Magic and I found some old specs for the identical Bell Magic and the specs say 25.5 @ 3".

I had a NS Solo and in my opinion it feels and paddles a bit wider than the waterline specs indicate and it also didn’t turn as well as I’d expect based on the 2.5/1.5 rocker specs.

4 inch waterline is used for the waterline width according to a 2019 spec sheet from Northstar that a dealer shared with me.

Correction. Rereading the spec sheet from Northstar the solos are using the 3 inch waterline. The tandems use the 4 inch waterline