Northwater "Quick Release" vs "Sea Tec"

-- Last Updated: Jun-03-08 2:49 PM EST --

I am going to replace my tow system, which is a coaming-mount line that I find hard to get into place with gloved or cold hands. As always, lots of good discussion on tow systems in the archives here. I will go with a waist-mount system and am trying to choose between the Northwater "Quick Release" and Northwater "Sea Tec" models. Has anybody used both? One difference is that the Sea Tec is a 30 feet line versus 50 feet for the Quick Release. How big do seas have to be before the shorter line is a potential problem? The Sea Tec specifies stainless steel carabiner - is it better than the carabiner on the Quick Release? Any other significant differences? Thanks for any advice.

Quick Release
I just bought the Quick Release, and my local shop doesn’t carry the Sea Tec anymore. He preferred this one due to the brass clip on the inside of the bag for shortening the 55’ line in calmer conditions, so that’s what he brought in for stock. He tells me the newest Sea Tec bag doesn’t have this brass clip. Mine works great so far, but that’s only been in classes at a symposium.

Stainless carabiners are more important for salt water and I see you’re from Mass. I’m from the midwest so it wasn’t a concern for me.