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I am interested in thoughts on this product. This is the system that has a bungee with a bag and carabiner. With a click of the release clip it lenthens from 7’ to 17’. When I pulled the tow out of the packaging it measures to only 5’. There is instructions in the package that say 6’. Any ideas why the measurments are not accurate?

Any one played with this device yet?


pop that clip

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there is a bunch of webbing in that bag.....

you do need a tow belt is not a stand alone product....

the tether is a bungee (inside of webbing) as well-that is where it can extend from about 3' to about 6'.......

is this new in the store????or just new to you???


not new to me
I have seen the product for awhile now and I have created my own wich I like much more. They advertise this to extend to 7’, some of their paper work says 6’, but in reality it is only 5’ when stretched all the way out. Also the bag is on the towed boat end which I am not a big fan of. I would switch the ring and the carabiner so that if I need to quick release the system floats on the surface. at this point the bag is to far away under tension to release more length and the carabiner end will sink with 17’ of line hanging down below the boat.

I took an older lotus tow bag with 40’ of rope and created a sytem similar to this but far more advanced. I can go from 8’ to clear the end of a sea kayak to 40’ with my daisy chain system.