Northwest Arkansas Paddling?

I recently had some friends move to northwest Arkansas and I hope to get up there to visit them in the near future (between now and next summer). Can anyone recommend any good flatwater (or mild whitewater) paddling spots within a couple of hours of the Fayetteville area?

Check it out…

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Check out the Arkansas Canoe Club website.
I'll bet you get all the information you want/need there.
I think quite a few of their members actually live in Fayette.

They have whitewater & flatwater kayakers, canoers, and even a few rafters.They also put on quite a few paddling/rescue workshops.

Some people I know personally speak highly of some of their members.


Arkansas waters
I live near Fayetteville and paddle all sorts of water around here. Beaver lake is quite large and provides plenty of good paddling water. The White river below Beaver dam is a good paddle though its nature varies greatly depending on how much water is being released from the dam. The Kings and buffalo rivers are beautiful and have outfitters that will pick you up or ferry your car. The War Eagle river is a nice float. The Mulberry river is about an hour away and in the spring has some good whitewater if you’re into that. There are several good rivers just across the boarder in Missouri as well. There are several good outdoor shops in the area that can provide info and maps. You can send me an email if you want specific info.