Northwest Indiana - HELP Needed

My son will be leaving for college in mid-August - and we were trying to plan a canoe trip [preferably from Northwest Indiana toward Depauw University where he will be attending, or Purdue where our daughter is a student.

I have been unable to locate someone who knows the waterways well enough to review the travel times, camping, fishing and skill levels required. We are excellent swimmers, experienced paddlers and active outdoorsmen - however, we are looking forward to the journey and time together - as relaxing and peaceful as possible. If there is anyway you could direct me to someone who could help we would really appreciate it. This will ideally be a one-way trip lasting 3-4 days with camping and fishing along the way.

THANK YOU Very Much!!

Have you checked with the Hoosier Canoe Club? Someone there should be able to help you out.

They have a lot of very experienced and well traveled canoe paddlers in that group.

The Indiana Paddler’s Rendezvous, should be coming up in early August, as well. It’s on Wildcat Creek just ease of Lafayette.

I hope this helps.