Northwest Passage (solo canoe)

I am considering building one for my winter penance, oops project. Has any one here build one or paddled it? I liked the Merlin I built from them so I am quietly optimistic about the Passage. I hope it might let me paddle more in the winter then my K-140 solo canoe does. The differential rocker and fuller bow and stern will slow it down but allow it to go out in the winter months when I don’t want to go swimming. or at least that is my thoughts. Any first hand experience here?


North Carolina

Forget About It
It’s a sophisticated design, you’re too old to read the instructions and you don’t have enough time in the day.

At least that’s been my experience every time I wanted to build another boat.

Sponsons. You don’t need a new boat

Wha a great idea .Why didn’t I think of that?