Norway 2017

A stab in the dark.

We’ve paddled exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, but would like to stray to Norway. So, with the diverse knowledge base of, I’m hoping someone here can offer information, particularly about guided tours from decent outfitters. We are experienced at getting to/from Norway so don’t need that sort of information.

We are hoping for a multi day trip (5+ days), with kayaking as the main (only?) focus. Camping is acceptable, but lodging is preferred (e.g. fisherman’s huts etc.). If anyone has actual experience with outfitters along these lines, that would be super (I can google on my own).


Planning your trip …

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I used to live in Norway before I took up kayaking and have been making some loose plans to return and paddle long sections of the coast line. The best information I have found is from individual Norwegian Kayakers on Facebook and some kayak clubs. If you read/write Norwegian these are easy to find with Google. You probably need to define what type of paddling you want to do, I'm assuming paddling on Fjords and not whitewater or open coastal paddling since your experience level does not fit with that. If you are using google you can find outfitters for Lofoten islands and for fjord paddles, I have not done either, but know there are outfitters for Hardanger and near Flaam. One interesting option I discovered is paddling between lighthouses on the South Coast west of Kristiansand towards Stavanger. I have made some contacts with paddlers there to try this but never seem to be able to get enough time off work. Last May I did get out on the water, and the most enlightening part was in a boat of the West Coast north off Bergen where North Sea meets Norwegian sea, was quite rough. I have done a lot of ocean seakayaking and surf kayaking on US West coast, New Zealand, Hawaii and UK. The Norwegian coast was very scary gnarly and the weather was only average, so make sure you match your paddling destination with experience and skill level. Paddling the PNW occaisionally may not be sufficient preparation unless you stick to quiet Fjords. Post up about your trip, I am planning my trip for Summer 2017 now too, but will be with local paddlers not outfitters. I have contacted a couple of Norwegian paddlers on facebook to answer your post here.

Whitewater or seakayaking?
I have no personal experience but if it’s whitewater have a look at Mariann Saether’s business at