Norwich to Oulton Broad (UK)

Hey everyone,
On Thursday I’m planning to kayak from Central Norwich to Oulton Broad. I’ve done from Norwich to Reedham before. However, beyond Reedham I know the tides/currents start to have a major impact. Can anyone tell me what I should expect (current) if I’m going with an ebbing tide:
A. when I turn right into The New Cut
B. When I turn right from The New Cut onto River Waveney
C. When the current changes and starts pulling you towards Oulton Broad
D. Anything else I should be aware of.



You would be more likely to get a useful response by reposting on “Song of the Paddle”. Most of the crowd here are Yanks and Canadians.

I posted an inquiry about kayak and canoe options in Yorkshire on SoTP last year and got several immediate responses! This enabled me to rendezvous with fellow paddlers over there when I visited on holiday and join them on trips on the Rivers Rye and Derwent.

Here is their sub-forum on waterways in Suffolk.