Nose plugs, bomb proof

For roll practice, I’m looking for bomb proof nose plugs. I have a dive mask, but would prefer swim goggles and nose plugs. For one thing the mask doesn’t seal well over the mustache. I have speedo nose plugs but they don’t really go down far enough over the bridge of the nose to stay on. All I have to do is wrinkle my nose and they pop off.

Are smiley plugs that much better?

There’s also “The Squeeze” form Wildwasser that have disks rather than pads. Have you tried them?,101,114,297&Contents=Nose%20Plugs


Paul S.


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I think it's the oils in our skin that are the problem. I'm thinking about putting a very small bottle of soap or detergent in my day hatch to remove oils / sunscreen from my nose. Mostly I would use the detergent to remove oil and sunscreen from the paddle shaft. That's been bugging me lately.

I use those Smiley plugs. They work ok if my skin isn't real oily. You can adjust the tension on them.

Just Wipe

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your nose thoroughly with your shirt, paper towel, whatever before you squeeze the plug on.

I have a small nose and find the the various plugs on work if I take time to wipe the oil off my skin first.

BTW, if you practice in the salt, you'll find that you don't need a nose plug. Salt water just doesn't irritate like fresh water. Just make sure that you blow your nose out after practice because the water will be there in your sinuses. It will flow out at the most inopportune time, like when you are bent over a plate of food at the post paddle pigout.


Inopportune moments
"It will flow out at the most inopportune time, like when you are bent over a plate of food at the post paddle pigout."

Or when you lean over to give your girlfriend a kiss on the neck. When she laughed instead of getting grossed out, I knew it was love…

Or just rinse the outside of your nose
I splash a little bit of water on my nose and rub it before I put on the Smiley. Another tip, don’t put the Smiley on and then squeeze it. It works better to squeeze it first and then slide it on with as little widening as possible. Also try them in both orientations – over the top of your nose or across the bottom. Depending on the shape of your nose one orientation may work better than the other.

Schnozzola clamp
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Ah’ uses a Jorgensen wood clamp (ye ought’a see dis impressive proboscis).

Fat Elmo

Yeah, I almost mentioned the oils (NM)

So far it sounds like
Smileys give the same prolem.

Maybe I’ll try The Squeeze. They’re in stock locally too.

I’ve wondered about fitted nose plugs to go in the nostrils. I tried some universal rubber ear plugs, and disposable foam ear plugs, in the nostrils, just to see :-). They don’t seal against air. I don’t know about water. Clamping seals air much better. Someone needs to make rubber pinky fingers, up to the first knuckle. My real one seals my nose against air. I just checked. (Sorry for the weirdness. I just woke up.)

Paul S.

am not a fan of
the wildwasser nose plugs. I find they fall off easier than the other makes available.

I have something like this
They are Speedo I think, but look just like these Wild Wasser ones. They look dumb, but who cares? They stay on my nose better and are more comfortable. With less pressure they keep a large area of each nostril closed which translates into less leaks. The Smileys slip off me easier and work with more pressure on a smaller area so if they start to slip off during my class/practice they begin to leak on me. I like the other design better than the Smileys - just my personal opinion.

or when you are laying out Battle Plans
on the table for the VPS of your company after a morning of surfing…

For roll practice
Smiley’s are a lot better than the speedo nose clips.

A lot depends on your nose size, experiment with differnt angles and high tight you bend them in… I bet you can get them to work. If you have really greazy skin, wipe with isopropanol or a diaper wipe before you practice.

go Greenland style
historical records indicate that native Greenlanders would sew their nostrils shut before a big hunt and use a peice of fatty seal skin as a gasket. distinctly waterproof and you will be gauranteed to be seen as the hardest man on the water.

I’ll check with my wife
to make sure she’s ok with the look - not! My kids would love it. Dad with piercings. I like the hard core aspect though.

Paul S.

I use the Wildwasser…
…and they stay on better than the others I’ve tried.

i have a handful of them
but the ones that i use the most (read as Would use if i needed to) are the carbon NSI

…love em!!!little bit more $$$$ but then you form the carbon to your nose size…and it is springy-not squishy like the wire ones…

but after surfing for so long i like a little sinus cleaning…