Nose Plugs That Don't Turn to Sticky Goo?

It happened again. I get out my (wire and latex) nose plugs and they have turned to an awful, sticky, goo. They work fine until they age into this condition. Any recommendations for good nose plugs that last? Should I just accept that nose plugs only last so long? Many thanks.

That’s weird! None of mine ever did that. I’ve used two kinds of nose clips (not plugs—maybe we are talking about different things). The more common type looks like commas that the pinched wire holds shut. I did not much like these because (1) the wire tends to break after a while, (2) the clips are smooth and slippery on the nose, prone to coming off, and (3) the clips don’t press together tightly enough without hurting my nose.

The other kind I got—and stayed with—lasts longer, stays put on the nose even in whitewater capsizes, has a larger, textured grippy surface, AND the wires are a sturdier coiled spring-like system that keeps on holding for years of use. Seriously, I only wore out one of these and it was mainly that the rubber pads were wearing out. The metal part was fine. This kind is from Germany, I think. Colorado Kayak Supply sold them, as well as some stores. They cost more than the other kind and are well worth it.

Do you use a sunblock or bug repellent that eats latex? I once ruined a pair of Oakleys by using a combination sunscreen-bug repellent that damages plastic, vinyl, and latex. Someone else I knew ruined his bike shorts with a similar product.

George Gronseth’s Kayak Academy has both kinds of clips as well as the excellent Doc’s ear plugs.

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Are you using sun screen?

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Hey Pika, Thanks! I will likely try the coiled spring type and see how it does. Oh yeah, bug repellent… I just had to replace a pair of boots because the sole fell apart. The boots were old and well worn but I’m pretty sure I finished them off with deet.

Hey Overstreet, No sunscreen; just my nasty sweat and oils. Another possibility is chlorine. I think you’re on to something. It’s not just age. I found some like-new plugs/clips in a pfd pocket that are just as old as the gooey ones; they just haven’t been used.

DEET ruins some plastics and rubber. Keep it away from sunglasses, bike shorts, any kind of tights; possibly rotomolded boats, too. I bought it once, never again.

I would also avoid touching automobile interiors with DEETED skin.

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