Nose plugs

Where can I get some decent nose plugs? I keep losing mine.

Make them
It’s relatively easy to make enough nose clips to last you a few years and have plenty to give to friends:


nose plugs
I should make a pair of nose plugs to wear as I walk and paddle around smokers. They’d come in handy to get past the lingering crowds of smokers outside the front doors of restaurants, grocery stores and movie theaters. Then again, a gas mask …

Fit …
… I suppose depends on your nose size and shape, but b/w the Smileys and the Cottonmouth I much prefer the latter. The smileys did not fit too securely and disintegrated after 1 season of use. The cottonmouth has much better grip while being more comfy at the same time - and show no sign of wear, yet. Same price at my local paddling store; I’m sure you can get them online too…

Check These Out

Mighty long address, ain’t it? It’s swimoutlet. The metal Speedo type are my favorite. Not necessarily the Speedo brand but the metal clip with the rubber ends.

You have to paddle around smokers? Yuck… Out on the water seems to be one of the few places outside to get away from them - not talking about wilderness areas of course. I get tired of having to roll the windows up at a stoplight because of all the smokers upwind of me.

(rant over)

nose plugs
these home made jobs work great