Not "deep" wilderness tripping but... anyone here multi-day camp in VA

On either the New or Shenandoah?

I’ve paddled both day-trip style, and an out of state buddy of mine wants to do a 4-5 day camping trip. He’s never been to any of them.
I’m trying to decide… New or SF Shen, or NF Shen.

Anyone here have strong recommends either way? We’ll be in my canoe.

All have beautiful scenery. The New has spectacular cliffs, but bums the vibe with the intermittent trailer park. LOL. This will be an early June trip. The SF Shen can sometimes be crowded, so I’m wondering about NF (which I’ve not ever done) but wonder about water levels…

Just thought I’d throw this out for thoughts and recommendations. Thanks, all!

You could also check out the upper James River Water Trail, devils gut camping platforms on the Roanoke river/swamp in nc, and in wv the greenbrier river Greenbrier River | DIY Outdoors | West Virginia University,

also in wv is the lower smokehole run on south branch of the potomac which is seasonal but still a good chance it is running in june and it has a nice overnight spot, just a few rapids but you should scout them first

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You know, I hadn’t really thought about the upper James. But now it is on my radar for this trip. Thanks. I paddle the James in RVA all the time (maybe that’s why it didn’t even occur to me!). Especially through the Buchanan area, it is very pretty.