Not dry suit, not wet suit but....

Is there one that would dry after being in the lake? I do belly floating for fishing and canoeing and use blue jeans and gym shoes. They take forever to dry. I would like one that would dry out when being out of the lake in around half hour…

you are talking synthetics. I wore rip
stop nylon military uniforms for years. They dried in about 20 minutes. The old Marine ones were better then the Army ones, so of course the Marines were made to switch to the Army ones.

It does not need to be military uniforms as there is lots of synthetic clothing out there. Just avoid cotton and you will be much better off around water.



My clothing strategies
Lightest weight: supplex clothes dry fast good sun protection (nylon microfiber). Little to no immersion protection.

Polartec aquashell (non urethant type) farmer john

breathable dry top


One of these seems to work though I’ll acmit to desire for something more form fitting to make rolling more comfy

Worth checking out
Look on ebay for Diveskins or SSA suits. Most are made from Lycra. New, they are over $100. Used, you can get them for $20, $30.

They will keep you warmer than blue jeans and give a little flotation, as well. No sunburn and they dry quickly.

They are form-fitting, if that makes any difference to you.