not recommended

This is extremely dangerous. First, it looks like they removed a section of a safety fence designed to keep the public from harm. Second, a wipeout here wouldn’t be in water , but rather an impact on hard ground. It looks like fun but should be considered extreme.

These ARE Extreme Kayakers
I recognize the names. That’s what they do and occasionally, they pay for the fun they have with injuries (and sometimes - death).

In this case, I don’t think this slide was any more dangerous than motocross. I’m sure they’ve scouted for dangerous obstructions beforehand.

And I doubt the opening in the fence is a grave danger to anyone - those who want it will get past that fence regardless. It did not look like a place one will wonder in just by accident…

sounds like you’re making excuses

Kocho, thanks for backing me up
in that , you recognize these names and it is what they do. So if they make a practice of this then it is not recommended for most paddlers. They have fun and pay with injuries and sometimes death, so this is not recommended for most paddlers. This is not anymore dangerous than motocross, but motocross is very dangerous, so it is not recommended for most paddlers.

As for the fence destruction, how can you believe that children or animals won’t wind up in that dangerous current. Why is the fence there in the first place? The public’s right to be protected should always trumps extreme paddler right to have fun and risk their lives. I hope they replace it, but have my doubts.

not recomended but fun to watch
missed the part of the video where it shows them tearing the fence down- not for me- way to extreme- but kinda cool to see

Eskimo Roll not likely
Couldn’t imagine if one of them, especially the guy with bare arms, hit a patch of weeds or any obstruction that caused him to flip. They might create a new move called the Roadrash Roll. They probably put more wear on the bottom of those plastic boats in that one minute than most whitewater paddlers do in three years. Admittedly it does look like major fun though.

I don’t have a problem with people posting footage like that because it’s obvious that it’s dangerous. I’d rather see that than see someone running a low-head dam, which is far more likely to tempt – and injure – the unwary or uninformed.

If they cut the fence that’s criminal vandalism, and they have a legal and moral obligation to replace it.

right at the beginning
before boofing they are shown sitting below a section of fence that has been removed.


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I agree with you payageur.

Fences do lots of things. They control people from unsafge situations. They prevent wildlife from migrating to where it isn't intended, safe or desired. They provide footing for a legal position.

Most of all the fence nor the property was theirs. But if they or someone else watching and trying this this get hurt, who do they get to sue? That's right - the property owner.

A hole in a fence, or a fence missing a section of chain link fabric could constitute an "attractive nuisance".

Most of all if they removed part of the fence, they damaged someone else's property.

It’s not clear if they just got through an opening in the fence that was already there, or, took it out themselves (and if they put it back on afterwards or not). I’d reserve judgment on this until we actually know for sure.

Sure looked fun and scary - especially the dude with the short sleeves: would have gotten quite a “burn” had he flipped for some reason.