Not reply o inquiry about my classified ad

I have an ad in the classifieds currently and someone sent me an email asking if it was still available. When I tried to reply back to them that it got kicked back saying that it was undeliverable. I don’t know how to get in touch with this person. This is an ongoing problem. I’d had to miss out on a potential buyer.

Sorry, but most often when you get a response to a for sale ad that simply asks “is this still available?” it is an automated generic message produced by a scamming operation that is trying to find victims to draw into fake “buy” schemes with fraudulent cashiers checks or requests for automatic bank draws. If you can’t reach a person who messaged you through the site that is a red flag that they are not a real member. Many people who try to sell here run into the same issue, same as if you post an item for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Usually the fake “buyer” uses a name like marysmith1234 or richardmorgan578, these are not actually tied to a real email identity.

You probably dodged an annoyance, if not a “bullet” if the scammer was not savvy enough to link their fake name to a method to try to connect to you to capture information like your cell phone number or email account.

Have patience – any REAL buyer will ask for more information or express more obvious interest in the actual item you are selling than just responding “is this available?”

Hi I may be the person asking about the Lincoln Seguin offered for sale. I’m interested and want to know more about the boat. I live on Eastern Shore MD.
Hope we can connect.