Not Suffering in Florida

I was going to add this info to the “Suffering in FL” thread but it is getting a little long so I thought I would start a new thread.

Trip report: Loxahatchee N.W.R.

Date 06-20-09

Weather: Absolutley hotter than blazes, Humidity close to 90 percent, about 20 percent cloud cover.

The college kid is home and wanted to paddle. Her BF was along and had never paddled or seen an alligator so off to the Lox we went - an almost guaranteed aligator experience.

We didn’t get there super early so the sun was already high by my standards (for this time of year) but everyone was up for it so off we went in two singles and a rented tandem for the girl and her BF.

We we not a 1/4-mile down the canoe trail when we saw the first gator. The BF I thought was going to jump out of the boat he was so excited. A gator in the FL Everglades - he was a happy guy. And as it happens sometimes we were blessed with about 5 or 6 gators before the 5.5-mile canoe trail loop is over.

Before the day was over, we saw, by my count:

5 gators

2 tri-colored herons

1 great blue heron

1 white heron

3 species of water lillies in bloom or just about in bloom

4 species of dragonflies

innumerable songbirds

Hell yes it was hot and the typical cloud cover rain showers of south FL did not show before we were off the water. But 3-1/2 hours of paddling with family in the solitude of the LOX was a great day.

We saw no other people on the canoe trail which was unusual and nice - I guess it was too hot.

(sorry no pics the camera battery died while on out trip.)

Everyone have a great weekend.

I have a question…
When you mention the “canoe trail” are you talking about a different place then the Loxahatchee River ?

If so would you please describe it, (the put-in and any other info, so we can padle there)

We have paddled the river many times, all the way up way beyond Trapper Nelson’s to as far as you can go at that fairly new park, but I didn’t know there was another place.




The “canoe trail” I describe is at the eastern edge(and some would say northern end) of the Everglades, at Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.

Yes, it is different than the Loxahatchee River trip from River Bend County Park west of I-95, past Trapper John’s Camp, to John Dickenson State Park.

The put-in is west of I-25 about seven miles (or so)on Boynton Beach Blvd. to Highway 441, then South 2.5 miles to Lee Road. Turn West on Lee road. After a short drive thorough some agricultural ground Lee Road deadends in the N.W.R. and eventually at the put-in/take-out point. There are three small lauch points at the put-in.

The Canoe Trail is largely through sawgrass, tree hammock, short pieces of open water. The trail is about 5.5 miles and is a flat paddle.

Being a N.W.R. there are few human ammenities, because the land managed for wildlife. Thus, you need to take all the food, chairs, water, etc. you expect to use. The conoe trail is largely open to the sun - so fair warning - be prepared for a ton of sun - I mean this is the Sunshine State.

I hope this helped.

More information here.