Not Too Terrible Tuesday Swells

The ghost of tropical Olga came from the Gulf to the Northeast Sunday and lingered a bit. We had some 5’ plus wind swells in the 10-11 second range. Too bad for the slight onshore wind that mushed things up a bit.

Still very surfable stuff but there were only two of us out this AM on the 'tasket beach break. The clouds, mist and a general chilly damp feel probably kept the crowds away. LOL!

Despite the mushiness, there were still nice peels on the edges of the outgoing rips.

Surfed for over two hours. I am pretty spoiled by the predictable breaks at my rocky reef homebreak.
Paddling out through the breakzone at the beach break always seem to take bit more energy as the waves don’t break in the more set ways of the homebreak. Got flipped and bit and chance to brush back up on the off-side roll before winter surf season kicks in.

Can’t complain, it was nice way to enjoy a Tuesday morning. :slight_smile:



Looks like a surf board with a seat and feet straps. We humans are creative with our “toys”.

It’s waveski… basically a surfboard to sit on and use a kayak paddle with because we lack the arm paddling skills and endurance of the traditional boardies to get out through the surf zone… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, TomL, a “swell day” is almost always a “happy day” for me too, as asked in your emailed post. :slight_smile:


Didn’t the original Magnum PI paddle one in the show,?

I believe Magnum paddled a surfski, which is basically a long and very fast sit-on-top kayak for openwater paddling and surfing open water swells.

Waveski is basically a sit-on surf board and made for surfing shorebreaks.


Oh…it was a long time ago.