nothern calif canoe overnite trips?????

Anybody have some tips on some good 2day canoe trips in northern calif. Fishing is a plus!and not to many people!We paddle a mad river freedom. but we dont mind flat water.

Tahoe in the winter.

are you kidding me.Tahoe in the winter??Did you do a trip on the lake in the winter? I spend a lot of time in the tahoe area ( family lives there).Lake tahoe in the winter is yery,very,cold!

Paddle the lake year round.
Does not freeze. Just nee to watch the weather. 5-6ft waves are not uncommon. It is cold, but the views are worth it.

Why not the American River or
the Sacramento River…?

Consider the Trinity.
The lower Trinity, below Burnt Ranch Gorge, runs almost 39 miles from Hawkins Bar below Burnt Ranch Gorge to the junction with the Klamath. Well spaced class 2 rapids, with one class 3 near the end. The Trinity remains runnable through the summer due to water run for fish habitat. Consult a good guidebook, such as “Western Whitewater” by Cassidy et al. I found the guidebook quite accurate for my run of about 10 miles ABOVE Burnt Ranch Gorge. Run the gorge only with one of the raft outfits, its class 4.

I did not have time to run the Lower Trinity, but we road-scouted, and the rapids designated as class 2 in the guidebook are properly rated.

Sacramento River
You could easily do a two or three day trip on the Sac. I’ve only done about 35 miles of it and there is plenty more to see. There is great fishing as well. This time of year you have steelhead and salmon and then the usual fish that frequent the river as well. There is some nice wildlife to see on the way and the river is very different, you’ll experience a bit of everything. Some areas are wide and calm and then you can get into some water that really clips along and the depth really changes as well. This time of the year it’s not too bad it gets pretty fast in the winter and spring. You do have to keep an eye out for snags though.