Noticing a fair number of solo canoe....


From personal experience. Keep an eye on the “Getting Together” forum. The P-net community has perpetuated outings with a fundamental though underlying purpose.

Several years ago, someone who shall remain nameless (McWood) thought that a “Paddle and Compare” outing was in order. This took shape as the “Raystown” outing in central PA. Please check the archives. I was susceptible to this ploy and unwittingly attended the first. The result was three canoes in the garage and inquiry from my Wife as to the need for several boats.

Be careful of this result.

NOW. The Summersville WVA outing and the fall Raystown outing have become Premier opportunities to try various solo canoes, tandem canoes as well as kayaks of unknown description…

Last year at Raystown I believe tha final count was 39 boats, 34 people and a helluva good time.

I would venture to say that ANY P-net outing may offer the chance to try different boats if only for a short paddle. Truly these folks are generous with their knowledge and their equipment if conditions allow.

Bottom Line; Stay tuned and try to make (some) of these outings. This from one who has benefited.



Maybe not this year, Wes. If I head to DelMarVa the first week of May, and Susquehanna happens the 13-14-15, I will not be available. But if a Pennsylvania boater would be willing to be the head honcho…


Mr. Jim
YOu can imagine SOMEONE will take up the reins…I cannot volunteer at this point but there are strong inclinations…

Never say never

No disagreement here
After spending the better part of last spring-summer-fall looking to test paddle some of the solo boats that I was interested in, I was a first-time attendee at Raystown in October.

There were many boats to try out and the owners were all to happy to provide advice and ask for opinions.

Plus, it was a great benefit to test out several boats in succession, rather than relying on paddling notes that I had been writing after trying out indivual boats.

Now I can’t wait for Spring and the new boat!!!