Nova Craft Chestnut Pal?

Anybody have one? I’m curious how it paddles and handles. Looks like a sweet little boat in the pictures, I wish there were more of them.


I had a Chestnut Pal w/c bought just before Chestnut Canoe Company went out of business in the 1970s. It was a wonderful hull. It had the same basic characteristics as the prospector, but was not as deep. That made it better when I paddled it solo. It was very seaworthy. I lived within portaging distance of Green Bay and paddled in lots of wind and waves. If the Nova Craft hull is true to the original it will be a nice boat.

I went to the NovaCraft website and found no mention of the Pal. Is it so new its not on the website?

here is a little info and a pic
… no real spec though.

Here’s a link with picture

A lot of people are excited about this boat. There are still a few people out there they prefer the 16 foot, Canadian style canoes. I think Nova Craft does a great job on re-creating the classic canoes.

The PAL was the canoe that Bill Mason most often paddled.

I have a
w/c Pal soloed it 500 miles last summer.Never a problem.If the newer model mirrors the same lines it will be a beautiful canoe


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I want to see 900 lbs in that boat. Hah
It puzzles me when a smart manufacturer like Novacraft uses the 6" rule to rate capacity. I have a 17’ Bluewater Chippewa, 34" and 16" deep. Bluewater rates its capacity at about 560, and I would not want to carry that much.