Nova Craft Moisie

I came across an article from 2013 about a new canoe, the Nova Craft Moisie and the MSRP listed was $1,899 CAD. Today this canoe sells for $4,900 CAD here in Calgary! Does anyone know why there has been such a big increase? I know we live in times of high inflation but this is extreme!

What was the 2013 model constructed of? Judging by the price, bet it was Royalex, which is no longer made. I think it only comes in Tuff Stuff now which is quite a bit more expensive, around $3000 US.

Yes it was indeed Royalex, so that must have been the reason then. Too bad they don’t offer the original material anymore then, the current price puts it out of my budget range. Thanks for your response!

I’ve been casually browsing used solo canoe ads lately. I’d like something like a Northstar Trillium or Northwind solo, ideally in the Blacklite material. Keeping my eyes open for something comparable and used, and formulating an idea of what I want vs what I need. Not in a hurry. Pretty much all the ads I see (of these and other lightweight, similar type boats) are in the $2200-$2800 range, usually with no age listed. I keep wondering how much they cost new, 5, 10, 20 years ago, and if it’s pretty much what people are asking for them now.