Nova Craft Pal ... Tandem Camping?

For those with experience with a Nova Craft Pal, would it have the capacity for weekend trips with 500 lbs max total paddlers and gear on rivers with mostly class 1 water?

My plans would mostly be much lighter loads, but the occasional coulple of nights out with a partner carrying water, ice, and and other modest comforts could be expected.


I think so.
I’m pretty sure that would work fine. I’m thinking the handling would be fine, it would just be sitting a bit low, so if the waves/rapids were getting bigger, you would get wet sooner than in a prospector.

Probably OK, but try a typical load when
you get a chance to see whether you need to get along without the ice cooler, etc.

Our Bluewater is 8" longer, 3" deeper, and the company estimate of load consistent with decent boat behavior is 580.

On class 1 rapids, once back in the early 70s there was a marathon race with a few class 1 rapids. Many of the low cut tandem racing boats swamped when they drove into simple haystacks at speed. Class 1 doesn’t mean teensy. But you know your water conditions much better than I do.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. A dealer supported the idea that it can handle a weekend camping load. I’d read some mixed suggestions about this between ads and reviews.