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Someone e-mailed me for some more info on the Trapper, but when I reply it comes back “Undeliverable.” If you have any more questions for me, just ask me here.


That was me.
Hey there, that was me that emailed you. Saw your review of the Trapper in the reviews section. I was basically just wondering what your thoughts were comparing the Trapper to an Old Town Pack? I found a new Pack for sale at a dealer, and for the money they are asking, the Trapper isn’t a whole lot more. I just figured the composite layup alone may be worth the little extra money. I’ve read a lot about the Pack, and understand it’s shortcomings. Just not a lot out there about the Trapper.

And thanks for getting back in touch! Don’t know why the email didn’t work?


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You asked if I was located in the Chattanooga area, and unfortunately, I'm a little further away; I'm in the MO Ozarks. My friend whom I bought the boat from lives on the GA side Lookout Mtn and the first place I paddled the boat was the TN River. If you make a trip over here, I'd be happy to let you try it!

You also asked if there is a dealer in the south? My friend bought his from Rutabaga in Madison, WI. I believe the only Nova Craft dealer in the south is Appomattox River Company?
I DO know that if there is no dealers nearby, Nova Craft will ship directly to you. I have a friend who ordered a Prospector 16 from them a few years ago.

Unfortunately, I've never paddled an Old Town Pack canoe, so I can't compare. But just looking at my Trapper, I'd say it has deeper stems? I think it would handle a little larger waves. Would I take it on Class II with big wave trains? No. But I have had it in waves up to a couple feet and it was fine. It's taylor made for small rivers and streams or small lakes. I'll post a few pics of me paddling it if it will help? Take care!

Thank you!
I love the looks of that canoe. May be a great boat to have around for small stream and fishing use around here. I bet one in TuffStuff would be just perfect.

If I ever get a chance to head out that way I’ll be sure to get in touch!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share the info. I greatly appreciate it, Sir!

You’re Welcome!

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Looks like the Tuffstuff is 34lbs and Tuffstuff Expedition is 36lbs; NICE! I'm surprised it says the stems are 18", I would have guessed one more inch myself. I thought they were closer to 20". Also, it says 34" beam, I thought it was 32"? I bet you could score one on sale this winter since you're probably like me; we paddle year round? Take care!