Nova Scotia kayaking

Hello All…anyone paddle nova scotia /cape breton areas and did you use a local outfit? how was the experience? I’m doing NS /CB in July 2016

Coastal Adventures
I paddled Cape Breton twice with them, and stayed at their B&B. All of the people involved were great. Very friendly and professional. I’d highly recommend checking them out.

My second trip there, some of my group were paddling with whales, who were feeding. I was at the top of a rocky hill and didn’t feel like climbing down, which I regret to this day. Other than that, it was great feeling like we were the only people inhabiting the planet for a week (other than a stop for lunch at a nearby restaurant).

We went with North River Kayak a number of years ago for a multi day paddle on the north coast of Cape Breton.

Great trip. We’ve paddled there and other parts of Nova Scotia since, but have gone without an outfitter, as we learned a lot from the first time. Great place to paddle.

Coastal Adventures +1
Will second Coastal Adventures.

My brother and I stayed at their B&B the first night, then they drove us down toward Halifax and dropped us off with boats and our camping gear, and we spent a leisurely week coasting our way back to their place in Tangier.

We saw not a single other kayaker and only a few small boats. We did however see hundreds of seals, eagles, jellyfish, porpoises, and the only black bear I’ve ever seen from the seat of a kayak.

Coastal Adventures were very organized and informative, affordable, accommodating, and provided quality sea kayaks for our trip.

Add a couple extra days for exploring nearby Fundy Bay.

Good luck!

Jeffrey Lee