nova scotia rivers

looking for multi day river runs in nova scotia canada by kayak. cheers and happy paddling to all!

for Nova Scotia Tourist Board, or something like that (maybe it was Paddling Nova Scotiaor something like that ?). Several year’s ago, I got a free paddling guide to NS that way - I’ll see if I can dig it out and give the the actual title.

Also, will have a list of trips there and a NS forum

My recollection of that guide was that most of the river trips were only a day or two in length, nothign week long, but that could just be my memory.

No long rivers
I think Matt is right…there are not many large rivers, and most of the ones that are paddled are day trips. You could stretch it out to a couple days, perhaps.

If you aren’t married to a downriver trip, look up Kejimkujic Provincial Park (locally known as “Keji”)…it is an area of interconnected lakes and ponds where you can easily cobble together a multi-day trip.


Agree, and that lake has an exit river
that would allow trip extension.

If one’s looking for long rivers, New Brunswick has several to offer.

i’ll have to inquire about keji and mirimichi im quite farmilliar with the st croix. and looking for something new.

Some good stuff here.