NovaCraft Prospector 16

I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick up a slightly used NovaCraft Prospector 16. I think it will fit my needs a little better than my current all purpose tandem, the Wenonah Spirit II.

Wasn’t there a nice review by Mike McCrea on the NovaCraft and Wenonah Prospectors? I can’t seem to find it.

Any other input on the NC Prospector 16 would also be appreciated.

My favorite…
The Nova Craft Prospector 16 is my favorite canoe for tandem paddling on small, winding rivers. I believe it’s very maneuverable and handles well in rapids. It also handles well paddling solo. I know of several canoe instructors that choose this boat over many others to paddle solo when they teach.

have one you can paddle
Clarion, if you’re going to be over this way anytime before you would be buying the boat, you are welcome to try mine out.

thanks for the offer
I didn’t know you had another Prospector besides the Wenonah 17. But, I won’t be getting down your way again anytime soon and tomorrow I’m picking up the Prospector. I’m guessing here that you haven’t had a chance to paddle your P16 much yet?