Novacraft Prospector 17

I currently own an Old Town Appalachain and really like it, however my father in law (Great guy) scares me when we go fishing. When he needs to shift his wait or reach for something etc, he tends to put his hand and weight on the gunnel which causes near disaster every time. I don’t really see changing his behavior, so I am thinking about changing boats. I will paddle the canoe on rivers 80% of the time. I was wondering how the Novacraft Prospector 17 would fit the bill. I was also thinking about an Old Town Tripper, but have heard very positive things about Nova Craft. Thanks in advance for any input.


Both are good, stable, tripping workhorses. The Novacraft is a bit more maneuverable.

As to initial stability, both have plenty if loaded. I seem to recall the Tripper being a bit more stable, but I’m not really certain the difference is signifigant.

what he said and,
the NC is a bit deeper and i think a tad fuller in the ends. i despise the OT seats, way to high for stability, uncomfortable, just awful.

the NC has better seats from the factory and it’s extra depth and even a bit more rocker, would make it my choice for big river tripping, or big loads.


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Can't answer your question, but something else to consider is just adding outriggers/sponsons/stabilizers to the canoe you already have and really like. Ads for these show people standing in the canoes to make a cast. While not really cheap, they would be far cheaper than buying another canoe just for fishing. I'd just get a set of the cheaper foam ones. Here's a link to give you an idea of how they are set up.

training wheels
I think the outriggers are probably a pretty good idea, I would just feel like I had training wheels on. MY first canoe, an Old Town 158, which had the flat bottom and weighed 80 lbs was very very stable, it just lacked the performance of the Appalachian. I think I am “in the same boat” as everyone, I want the river ability of an Appalachian with the flatwater performance of a Northwind or similar stlye Canoe. Maybe I just need to come to the realazation that I need to save for another canoe.