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On my recent vacation, I had occasion to spend 30 minutes or so on the Tennessee River in this little boat. I was very surprised that it didn't paddle like the "Tub" I felt it would. Had it out in some large boat wakes and it did just fine. It seemed quick and playful, like a fatter Bell Flashfire?

I think it would be the perfect boat for my day trips on smaller Ozark streams and the weight is significantly less to handle than my Courier or Reflection. Only quirk I noticed is that it seems like the seat needs to be a bit closer to center? That said, I'd love to hear some reviews from someone who's paddled one more than I have? Thanks in advance!

What’s the hull material??

there is only so much Quick you will get

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out of a twelve foot long canoe. Sure with less skin it accelerates faster.

Now as to skin we have several choices. Which skin do you covet?

Its not the first seat you will have moved. Nova Craft usually puts their solo seats too far aft for me.

The real question is... WHY do you need another boat??

No specs on rocker but with an extra 7 inches in width and lacking a foot in length compared to the Flash you better have a good current. OTOH if you aren't in a hurry, who cares?

BTW you may be a bit large for the Flash which makes comparisons inaccurate. The Packer has more volume underwater to support you.

The One I Tested…

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....was royalex. Why? After my little 30 minute session it made me think it would be fun to ply some of the narrow, twisty channels of some of our streams. My solos are both old boats that are 60 lbs and at the end of the day loading and unloading them is a pain. A boat 20lbs lighter is certain to appeal to me as my muscle mass melts away with the years.

Don't give a rat's derriere about speed, but had hoped I might find someone besides me, my wife, and my friend who's paddled one in a variety of situations? Thanks!

Doggone It…
…I was really hoping I could find more than the one and only review. Maybe some else out there will see this thread? Here’s the one I found: