Hubby and I are trying to escape the children for a 3-4 day SeaKayaking excursion. We are looking for a reputable company to go with. Good food a plus. Any suggestions?

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i know these guys personally and they're a good outfit. on the southeast coast of Newfoundland

Kayak Nfld&Lab Link
Here’s a link to the Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador website - just click ‘LINKS’ on the homepage, then scroll down and you’ll find a listing of outfitters. You could also do an “Info, Please” post to the nf.paddling newsgroup.

Hey there,

There are a lot of great outfitters in NS the question is where/ when do you plan to arrive.

If your driving or taking the Cat (ferry) to Yarmouth, NS the paddling there is superb (tusket area) or for a more stuctured adventure try Kejimkujik National Park one of Canada’s paddling parks you can easliy spend 4 days doing the lake systems in the backcountry.

If your arriving by air to Halifax try Costal Adventures in Tangeir, NS. The guy that owns this company has written the book on costal paddling in NS (litteraly).

They offer inclusive trips all around Atlantic Canada… I rec doing something in Cape Breton, NS

do some googling and you’ll find some great companies in NS.

Have fun