Novel Bilge Pump Method on my Xcite

Thanks to all for responses to previous questions about bilge pumps!

I found a novel approach to installing one on my Tiderace Xcite.

It has the forecockpit small compartment for stowing emergency gear and such. I simply cut a hole in the Bottom of the compartment and placed a Whale Compac 50 (it is only 4 inches deep) in the hole. The Compac 50’s top is now flush with the bottom of the compartment floor.

In order to pump out I simply pop the hatch lid (it is attached to the boat by a cord so won’t lose it in rough stuff), remove the handle which was stowed in the compartment, and with one hand on the paddle pump out.

It pumps at 11 gallons a minute so it is a fast pump out. Drop the handle back in, bang the hatch on, and good to go.

I didn’t have to cut a hole in the deck this way, and if I want to remove it later on, I would simply put a FG replacement plate on the compartment bottom.

I like the added safety this gives in rough stuff, and for solo paddling as well.

Thanks all!

great idea!
Sounds like a good adaptation. Hidden customization is especially cool. :slight_smile: I’m suprised your handle fits in that compartment. How long is it?

The handle of my Henderson pump is about 10" long, and is stowed in a recess on one side of the deck.

other boats
so a possible solution for P & H Cetus and Scorpio owners?

bit smaller
Thanks!!! Yes, it is 8" But there is surprising room in the compartment, especially length. Your handle would fit easily.

Yes, did not think of that. And, of course for the brave, bold, and as in my case a bit foolish sometimes, new owners of lovely Aquanaut LV composites just asking for customization. : > ) (Please notice leg being pulled mightily)

pictures please!

when i can till then here
will do. for now, here is pic of the pump. it is actually very compact, hence the name. Handle stows in compartment. it fits without interfering with entry or exit of the kayak.