Novice Alert: hybrid Wind SUP question

Not completely a water novice though, I have a 17’ Old Town (25 years maybe) and a Sun Dolphin kayak (about 3 years) I tool around in. (The Old town is a bear to handle solo on a windy day, FYI). Recently I got a little interested in SUP (been reading but not actually done it). During the exploration process I ran across vague references to using Wind Surf boards as SUP. I like the concept but not finding as much info on it as I thought there would be which makes me wonder if it’s really a thing. I have no experience SUP or sailing and thought this would be a good entry point. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Several years ago when SUP paddling started to become popular ( we are talking ~ 2007) old windsurfing boards could be had on craigslist and other places for a song ( were talking ~ $100). Some folks I know converted the windsurfers to SUP boards. Fine if you want to do flat water paddling with a heavy non ideal board. Windsurfing has renewed a bit but it’s using much different designed high performance boards in very rough conditions, so i don’t think you would find a suitable board to convert. Probably a better idea to find a high quality used starter SUP from someone who is moving up. This last year there have been a lot of junk SUPs sold to the unitiated so read reviews from reliable testers and test yourself before buying

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