Novice Question!

We just purchased a Dimension Escapade for our 11 year old. He will only be going out with us (in our Necky Rip 10s). Of course, the little starter Escapade doesn’t have a watertight compartment, etc. Do you advise that he have a bilge pump on board? With the open style, only going on flat water, and being with us (meaning we’ll have 'em in our hatch compartments), not sure if it’s critical. The Canadian guidelines say something about being mandatory only if the boat can take on enough water to sink. Theoretically, yes, I guess it could. Just looking for advice from those in the know. Thanks!

Background on the water ?

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Can you help him get back in if he falls out ?

NECKY KAYAKS Rip 10/12 (recreational)
Nylon Sprayskirt & Cockpit Cover Size: 5.5

For the Escapade

consider some float bags

Flatwater seldom stays flat..........

air bags
Get air bags for it.

Better to keep water out in the first place.

Your pumps are not useful in your hatches.

Airbags are a must
Two things to hopefully win the argument for airbags. First, Google Cleopatra’s needle kayak to see what can happen when a kayak without proper bouyancy gets swamped.

Second, if you experiment pumping out a fully flooded rec boat with your hand pumps you’ll find it takes a lot of time and effort. Not something you really want to have to do whilst also sorting out a cold, and possibly rattled, child.