Novorca paddles

Has anyone had recent contact with Ron at Novorca?

I have a paddle on order and have not been able to reach him via email or phone. I have made multiple attempts. In addition, their web site has been down for a few days.

I have had the same problem. I already have two of his paddles and they are excellent. I have been considering a third but have not been able to get through. They are worth the bother.

Contact with Ron
Yes just heard from them last week on my paddles which will be here today. His daughter I believe is helping run the business side. Just send an email she or he will return an answer. Phone seems to work as well.

BTW this will be paddle 8 and 9 from Ron. You simply cannot do better. seriously

8 or 9??
Wow - you have me beat by a mile!! I think I have it up to 4 from Ron but one of them is my wife’s paddle - but that said, yes, they are the best. (I only use the Aleutian models though)

That’s like the Volvo ad where the
neighbor is pointing at his Detroit wagon and saying it’s such a great car, it’s the 10th one he’s bought.

Are you guys ww paddlers, or is there another reason you are going through so many paddles? I’m still using a Mitchell slalom paddle that’s over 15 years old.

Ron at Novorca
he’s been active on his facebook page.

I know that’s anathema for some.

I chat w. him every few weeks or so via fb. He always gets back w. me, not always the same day.

He’s getting ready to roll out some dramatic new upgrades in his fabrication. I won’t spoil it by saying more.

Maybe that’s why he’s been hard to reach and why the website went down for a few days.

As someone who sprung for one of his paddles this year I can say it’s a lifetime paddle, worth every penny. My wooden traditional paddles are not dusty, but neither are they getting used at nearly the same pace.

multiple paddles
Ron’s paddles don’t wear out or break - we just like adding to the quiver is all. You can get different lengths/widths/types (Greenland or Aleut) to fit the type of paddling/play you want to do.

Sure - any of them might work for everything ok, but like your paddle, it works for all your paddling but maybe there are times it would be better if it had more bite or less, more length or less, etc etc.

Besides - Ron’s paddles can be made to any color and design so some like to match them to the boat or just to get creative. See his site for some examples or his account on FB.