Novorca & Superior carbon GP's

-- Last Updated: Nov-15-08 6:06 PM EST --

Does anybody own and paddle a Novorca carbon greenland
paddle? Was wondering how they stack up against the
Superior carbon GP for all round use and durability.
I usually use wooden GP's as my main paddle but was
interested in carbon version in the near future. I
use soft shoulder to almost shoulderless and Novorca
lists there 86" with soft shoulders. Any info appreciated.

I have a Novorca paddle that was custom shaped similar to the wood paddles I liked. I like very soft shoulders and am very happy with it but can’t compare it to the Superior as I have never seen one.

Price difference
I’ll probably go with Novorca, differnce in price is

about 150.00 from what I see listed on there sites.


Novorca GP
I have the paddle you are thinking done up in Ruby color. I think it is a bit nicer then the ones I have tried from Superior. The finish is smoother and the feel is just nicer on the hands. I was expensive though and now Ron is using foam core in place of wood so this limits what you can do on custom sizing. Nice paddles light swing weight and I do like the color options. Hope this helps.

surfboards use foam cores
that are ‘shaped’ to any configuration. Why shouldn’t a foamcore paddle blank be shapeable?

Paddle size/shape cores…
… are a bit floppier than a surf board’s core - and need a matching support to keep everything from bending/twisting. Doing a custom core isn’t the issue - doing both the custom core and custom support is. To much in time (man and machine) and materials without a much higher price. Makes more sense to narrow it down a bit.

I don’t know what the full impact has been on the sizing, but I’m sure there are still a range of options - and more than Superior offers with their one size blades for all paddles - and only loom length changes. They do have a nice 2 piece option (love my 7 year old Superior, and have yet to try a Novorca - BTW).

Doing one-offs for yourself you can get by hand shaping and freehand laminating - use more costly denser foam - or just skip the cores and go off a wood mold - but for consistency and quality people expect - and at a reasonable price - requires taking things to a different level.