Novus ( N.C.) Kayaks

Anyone have opinions on N.C. Kayaks? - The Quest or Expedition models. Owner or non owner reviews welcome.

NC17 Quest (LT)

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Mine is about three months old...I have no major problems with it!

Sorry to say,but, i don't think you will find much info on P-Net. I asked around here a little before i bought mine,No answers!!

With my lack of experience,i don't think i can give you a very objective review.

I plan to add some foam to tweak the fit,it's very roomy,i need to tighten it up a bit!

and,i think i will add a small cleat to the front hatch,It will serve as a anchor point,marine decor, and most of all a handle to unscrew the plate,it's a screw-on deck plate type hatch and it tends to get a little tight in the salt-water....But,it's water tight to date!

The hull and deck are bonded with plexus,a marine type super strong epoxy from what i understand.There is a lip on the hull and deck halves,wich serves as a bonding surface i.e.(proformance flange). This area of the yak get's alot of looks from more (seasoned)kayakers,they just seem to go straight to it for whatever reason,when they look at the boat.

I never thought much about it,The NC explanation seemed reasonable to me!

It tracks very well!in following,quartering,beam seas. I have not been in any seas larger than 3 to 4,Great bow!keeps the boat up!

Turning! I have a little trouble turning the boat,compared to some guys i paddled with the other day. They paddle into a turn! i paddle to a turn,stop,turn,then paddle...It's ugly!
I will asume for now it's me and not the boat.

All in all, I have no regrets! I love my boat.

Novus ( N.C.) Kayaks
Thanks for your response. Turning was the big issue - website shows pics of edging in calm water only. I like it choppy. They make clams of great speed especially the N.C. 19.

I don’t have any problems keeping up!..

…Unless they turn.:slight_smile: