Now dis be a'cartoppin'

-- Last Updated: Sep-08-16 1:48 PM EST --

Blake James' old biplane from Bill Mason's "Blake" film being transport ta de Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre.

Prop an' tail tie-downs... of course!

Wonder what his top speed was.

De plane, Boss

De plane, de plane!

– Last Updated: Sep-09-16 5:12 PM EST –

Well, as long as yer toppin' yer car, ya may as well stuff it, too! In this case, with a smarmy vampire educated at Wellington College takin' the wheel, er, stick, a Scandanavian bombshell vamp in the trunk, and a French-Filipino little people vampin' lines from the co-pilot chair:

Heeey, Matador! (Personally, I think strappin' on those wings to a Pacer would have takin' the "bubble" cockpit concept to an all time high...low.)