Now I caught the canoe bug what's the next step.

OK. Long story short. Purchased canoe to give me something to do with the dog. Kayak was too small.
Now we are 4 or 5 trips in I feel I got the wrong canoe. I bought the Old Town 154. The wide poly tank with plastic seats & center cooler, storage, etc.
I like the stability, but hate how slow the boat is. It’s also 120 lb and cumbersome to manage out of the water.
Now I’m not looking to spend a lot of money, but what should I be looking for if a good used deal comes along? I would like something that solves the above problems but still has some stability to it. (my dog does like to move sometimes)
Not looking to rush into anything as I’m sure when winter hits some better boats could be found a lot cheaper.

Thanks in advance.

Follow up:
Would I be happier with a 2 person Kayak? I do lakes & slow rivers.

Canoe vs Kayak is personal preference. Very different in many regards. I have both and enjoy them for different reasons. If its calm lakes, I’m in a canoe personally. Canoe probably takes more skill up front to control and maneuver the boat, but like anything can be learned with a little persistence.

almost anything over 34" wide (at max beam) from a good brand would likely suffice. I would let craigslist deals determine your boat. Almost any daytripping or touring model from Wenonah, Swift, Savage River, Hemlock, Colden (and others im forgetting) will be a huuuge upgrade. If you watch craigslist closely and are willing to drive a few hours you can probably get a 60lb fiberglass canoe for less than $700 and if you search hard enough find a 45lb kevlar ultralight boat for under $1000.

Where are you approximately?

Northern Indiana.
The Old Town is 42 inches wide. I figured that was the reason for it being slow?
I usually keep an eye on Facebook marketplace. Now I know a few names to watch for it will be easier.

Check with Fluid Fun in Bristol if you are near… Think they are fairly kayak centric these days but used to have a nice selection of canoes and may still.

How big is the dog?

German Shepherd. (profile picture)
I might just stick with pig Old Town for now. I had some ideas (replace seats & center console with more traditional yoke)
However, you even if you can polish a turd it’s still a turd :smiley:
I’ll just keep my eye open for a great deal.

Maybe a used Old Town Penobscot 16 (Royalex). That’d be about half the weight and a big improvement in performance.

OK. Update: I sold the pig. Broke even on what I paid for it. Surprised how many people were interested in it.
Now I am canoe-less. There is an Old Town Discovery 158 a couple hours away from me & he wants $150. There is some damage to it but he says its not all the way through. Looks like some bubblegum would work to patch it (lol.jk)
Do I get it? Will I notice the difference paddling the 158 over the 154?
or…do I wait? I figure with winter on its way I may be able to find a super-special deal. The 158 would tide me over until then.
Thanks again. Help a newbie avoid further bad purchases :slight_smile:

At 80 pounds, and damaged, I wouldn’t touch it.
I had one in good condition that I gave to a neighbor for $100