Now I need a paddle

Need advice on a paddle to go along with the new Tarpon 160. Plan on doing some long distance stuff and of course general river and lake stuff. Thanks for any advice.

As light as you can afford
Your joints will thank you. Good light weight for the price point is aqua bond stingray.

Love my stingray
Lust after better paddles, but the stingray is my idea of minimum for paddlers with seasoned bodies. $130-$150. Wish I had $400 for a carbon fiber mid wing.

Werner & Lendal
What’s the budget spectrum?

Werner Skagit CF $180

Werner Camano FG $275

Lendal Voyager FG $295

Those would be recommendations walking into my place.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

For the money
The very best paddle I know of for the money is the Carlisle Expedition. It’s an all fiberglass paddle with a price of $179.95, but I just saw an add at $118.95. At that price it is a steal. Google it and see what comes up.

Now, if you want to spend more money, look at the Werner Camano.

Aqua-Bound either stingray or manta ray as these are lighter for the price. 28 ounces for stingray carbon version priced around 130 I have one I got on sale for 110. You cant get a lighter paddle in that price range. Take a look at the other recommendations so far, all are heavier and more money. they get lighter when you get way higher in price but the ones 180 and under are all heavier. So for the money Aqua-Bound is it. Now if money isn’t an issue get one of the pricier Werners.

For the best get a Superior brand Greenland carbon paddle, super pricey but only 22 ounces. That’s what I use mainly.

Picked up a closeout Corryvrecken for $168 with free shipping!

Big blade.
Paddle with a slow cadence. That’s a big blade.

What length, given the Tarpon 160 is 28" wide and you’re at a bit of elevation in seating height.

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Its a 210. I was looking for a 215. I will probably pick up a mid size blade @ 230 as well for more general use.

210cm? Have you tried that length paddle in that width of kayak?

I’d set your kayak in water. Take a 210cm pole marked off 49cm lengths on the end to represent the Cory blades. Paddle for a bit. No, you won’t get anywhere fast but how does it work as to shaft length for your body and geometry in that kayak. Hitting your thumbs? Leaning uncomfortably or too far over to immerse the blade?

230cm would have been my recommendation without seeing you sitting in the kayak.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Oh man
Man I hope that’s not too short. I was concerned a little. Thanks for your advice. Hope it works.

Go with
the Aqua bound Manta Ray series. You will need at least 7 1/4" of blade to paddle that beast of a sot.

I have paddled 160s for years.
Unless you have wide shoulders and long arms you are going to bang your knuckles on the side carry handles.

I have the shoulders and arms and paddle with a 215. I still whack my knuckles once in awhile.

Aqua Bound paddles
I have both an AquaBound Sting Ray and Manta Ray, both in carbon fiber. I prefer the larger blade size of the Manta Ray which is designed for high angle paddling.

I also need to call AquaBound out for incredible customer service. I had an issue this winter with my Manta Ray. I posted on PNet for advice on how I could repair my paddle, and AquaBound Customer service contacted me here to offer a brand new paddle instead.

If you watch for a 20% off coupon at EMS, you can get a great deal on the paddle which will be shipped directly to your house without shipping fees.

Also check Campmor for deals on

Shafted on Corryvreckin
But I did pick up a brand new Shuna for $100 off. And its the 220cm.

lightweight. shop used

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A bit more than a month ago I picked up a carbon/FG Werner for under $200. It was a discontinued graphic on the blade and the seller was just clearing them out. My gain!