Now that I have my Boundary boots

I need to round out my semi-winter gear.(I live in TX, after all ;-). I don’t really do much cold weather paddling, but missed a lower Buffalo R. trip recently because it was really cold (relatively speaking) hi 20’s at night, mid 40’s day and windy! It was with a group of seasoned paddlers,no ww, but I opted out because I didn’t feel comfortable with my gear. (I’m not interested in a drysuit yet, as I can’t tolerate the tight neck and arms.) Some dragging, hence the need for the boots. My sleeping bag is only good to 35 degrees, could buy a liner.

I have accumulated some cold weather gear over the yrs, but never actually used it much. NRS dry rock splash pants, a gortex splash top, light and midweight polyester thermals,smart wool socks. It’s the mid layer I really haven’t addressed. I have fleece pants, and tops but they are bulky. I’ve been looking at Icebreaker wool and/or mysterioso. Would appreciate input.

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I'm not sure how this would translate to paddling, but I use Icebreaker almost exclusively as base/mid layers for skiing. It's warm, soft, not itchy, and does a great job of wicking sweat away.


You can get fleece pants and tops
in all different weights.

I have several mid weight tops and bottoms that are very comfortable under my gortex water proof biking pants and my light weight North Face splash jacket.

The even lighter weight ones are very similar to poly pro stuff, and are great sleeping in on a cold night.

Check out “Hot Chillys” -polar fleece



Can’t go wrong with Mysterios either
Great stuff. Have one pair - long sleeve tops and bottoms; wear them non-stop and they are holding up very well. Warm, don’t itch, dry quickly.

Obviously you have not
been reading GK’s posts on proper clothing. All you need is that polka-dot bikini and a bag from the dry cleaners.

You might not be that warm but the guys you are paddling with might get a little heated up:)

If you get a chance drop me a note about how your Goose Island trip went.