NRS Adventurer Inflatable SUP - thoughts?

I found very few and not that detailed reviews for the NRS Adventurer iSUP. Any thoughts on it? Mainly, how does it compare to other similarly long inflatables? I just bought one and will be sharing my impressions soon, but I’m curious if others have tried it or could recommend better alternatives.

I guess this form is not the busiest SUP forum… Maybe I’ll try , but it seems inflatables are not the most discussed boards and a smaller % of the SUPer population uses them.

Anyway, I got the board today, inflated it to check it out, and hope to paddle it on the ocean in a couple of days. Will share my impressions once I’ve gotten it wet. The construction seems top-notch, with barely anything to complain about, and the feel of the inflated board (at only 12.5PSI indicated on the pump, max is 15) was nice and sturdy, more solid than a fairly decent 4" model it is replacing for me.

After a few days of paddling on the ocean (protected flat water and some choppy conditions too) I can say I like this board quite a bit for its intended usage. Will post a review soon.

How do you like this iSUP? I have the Baron 6, but it gets blown about too much, unlike the old 4" ones that my weight sank in the middle, but the 4"ers worked very well in a headwind! The Baron 6 is slooooow, and NRS doesn’t make another board with a higher weight limit where I could carry camping gear, so I’m looking at IKs now.

NRS is a reputable kayak brand, I would presume they make a fairly good iSUP as well. I look forward to a review soon!

I tried to post a review a few days ago, but I don’t see it yet. Yes, being a 6" thick it has more windage than my 4" iSUP, but was quite manageable as it tracks better. It takes twice as long to inflate though :frowning: It is stiffer and faster too. Less rocker in the nose and increased length means it tends to nose dive a bit more than ideal, but it also means longer waterline or increased speed, so depends what you want more. I can’t surf well, so can’t really say much, other than I seem to be able to front surf beach break just as well as with my more rockered and 10’ long iSUP. The Adventurer carries my 200lb better and I like it overall. I normally only use a SUP when traveling and kayak otherwise. But this one is decent enough to enjoy, so I will probably use it a few times on flat water on the Potomac river and hopefully on some downwind on the Chesapeake Bay. I will probably compare it head to head with the Chesapeake Light Craft wood SUPs soon, when they have their demo day.