NRS amazing customer service

A couple of years ago I bought a long sleeve Hydrosilk paddling shirt from NRS. It’s the best paddling shirt I’ve ever used. Although some time has passed, I only used the shirt a few time. Last time I was out on the water I noticed that the stitching on the sleeve cuffs were coming apart to the point of the sleeve fraying.

I sent an email to NRS, explained what happened, and asked if there was a way to repair the shirt. I also did not have a receipt any longer. The most I was hoping for was some advice.

NRS customer service contacted me immediately, full of apologies and asked that I send them the shirt back AT THEIR EXPENSE for evaluation. They didn’t need my receipt. They dug up my purchase records on their own, which means that they knew how long it’s been since I had bought it. They promised that “unless the shirt was attacked by a grizzly” they would send me a new one. A prepaid mailing label was provided.

I packed the shirt and sent it to them. A couple of days later I received a phone call confirming that they had my shirt and that a NEW one was already on it’s way. I had a new Hydrosilk in my hands two days later.

This , for me, is unbelievable customer service and proof that this company stands behind it’s products. I mean - this is a shirt not an automobile! It gives me the confidence to keep on buying from NRS and so I thought they deserved a good word here in the paddling community.

I am not associated with NRS in any way other than as a satisfied customer



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you got good service...I did not. Bought a pair of neoprene booties, first time out stepping in water and one leaks like a sieve. Upon inspection, I see where there is a small area near the stiching of the zipper that was not properly lined up. Sent them back to NRS, they call and said they are within the mfg. guide lines/tolerances and sent them back. Yes, I know they listed them as water resistant, but my beef was the stitching issue. Will I buy from them again?..probably as they make good products and support our sport.