NRS boundary boot for kayaks

I noticed in previous post, most werers were canoeists. How is the comfort and flexability in a touring kayak? I would like to land my boat in a foot of water this winter instead of grounding out on the shore or concrete boat ramp and doing the two hop tip toe to shore trying not to submerge my chota WW booties. Thanks

NRS boundary boots
Been using them for the last two years in my touring kayaks. I have a Seda Ikkuma, and a QCC 700, and I don’t particularly like running them up on rocks either. Usually get out in about one foot of water and carry the boat to shore. They still don’t leak, and I find them quite comfortable in the boat. Have used them on a few inadvertent wet exits and re-entry’s, when roll failed, and they don’t take on a lot of water. They do keep your feet warm. Tkamd

like 'em
Have recently purchased pair and find them comfy in the kayak. I don’t even think about flexing my foot in a kayak, or when kneeling in a canoe.

I’ve worn the Chota brand boots
(size 8) that are comparable to these, for over 15 years and wouldn’t paddle in late fall through early spring without them.

As one of the other users noted, even if you get water in them, they’ll not take on much water and help to keep your feet warm.

After taking my boots off, I have rolled carboard (about 12-15" high) that I place into them to keep the upper part vertical and it helps them to dry (should they be wet or sweaty) and doesn’t allow them to bend to the side.

I wouldn’t paddle in cold weather or water without them.

Love em
I use them in the Spring and Fall with both my canoe and my QCC 400X. NRS stands behind there products very well so if they leak they will replace them. I ordered mine one size bigger to accommodate socks and my dry suit booties.

Great for kayak
I’ve had a pair for 8 or 9 years and use them in a low volume greenland style boat. They fit great in my boat and have plenty of Seam Grip on them were they have leaked through heavy use. If they wear out I’ll buy another pair.

Neosport by Hendersen
I bought these boots and they seem to be the same boot as the NRS Boundary boot - but are priced about $32 less than the NRS. 5mm neoprene, ankle strap and top boot strap to keep water out and the boot on snug. Very nice and the boot is built pretty slender through the height so is not baggy at all and hugs my calves up to my knees.

Great buy and since I am so picky about scratching my hulls…a necessity!