NRS Boundary Boots

I have a question.
I can’t try on the shoes.
What size of NRS shoes should I order if my foot is 25 cm long? For a woman’s leg.

Contact NRS, they tend to be responsive … at

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I bought a pair of the ‘NRS Boundary Shoes’ about 10 years ago (no longer, now they have ‘NRS Boundary Boots’)
Don’t know if sizing is same.
My foot size is 10 1/2, I purchased the size 10 (25 cm).
They fit, but are tight (when walking, ok in kayak)
If I had to do again, would get the 11.
Note: the newer model (NRS Boundary Boots) look ‘beefier’ (than the ones I have), larger ‘footprint’, make sure they will fit in your kayak.

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It looks like 25cm is a EU women’s 39, a USA women’s 8.5 The sizing guidance from NRS is incorrect if you wear a women’s half size.

In US sizes, women’s sizes are offset 1.5 sizes from men’s. So a women’s 8.5 would be the same size as a men’s 7. NRS advises for women to use a 1 size offset from mens. They also suggest that half sizes go to the next larger size. So, if you go a half size up from 8.5 you get 9, down a size for the men’s size conversion gives you a men’s 8. But a men’s 8 is actually equivalent to a women’s 9.5.

Your women’s 8.5 is actually equal to a men’s 7. So a size 7 boundary boot should fit well. They do run a little narrow in the front though.

I wear women’s 9.5, by their guidance I should wear a men’s 9 Boundary boot. I tried one on and it fit as well as one would a size 10.5 boot to fit on a size 9.5 foot. I then bought their size 8 and it fits very well.

Their sizing advice should be “Men’s 1/2 sizes order one size larger, women’s 1/2 sizes order one size smaller”

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