NRS Boundary Sock Info

Has anybody used the Boundary Socks? If so what did you think of them, good and bad, and are they actually waterproof? Currently have been using SealSkinz socks for the past several cold water seasons and they have just about seen their better days and don’t even want another pair of them. Boots and mukluks are out. Wear Chota low cut booties over the Sealskinz with wool socks, and don’t have room for anything larger than booties. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.

Most of us don’t wear socks, or even
shoes, but maybe if we give this a bump to the top, someone will recall stealing the product you describe.

My experience with similar socks is that, because they are thin and must be flexible and (initially) waterproof, they are not going to stay waterproof more than a year or two, if that. You may do better if you step easy when using them.

got a pinhole in the front of mine
within two weeks of owning them. Stepped on something in the water apparently. They are great for in the boat, but if you’re walking around in water and especially on dry land, wear tevas or crocs over them. Probably best for them to be part of a layering system in cold weather. I don’t use mine at all in the warm weather unless a swim is a possibility.

I asked NRS about them and they said…
This is a timely questions. I emailed NRS a while back for information:

Me: “I just saw your ad for the 100% waterproof boundary sock. I have tried everything to keep my feet dry for winter canoeing. What keeps them dry isn’t always comfortable and what’s comfortable doesn’t seem to work as well as advertised. I’m still looking for the solution and have some questions. 1. How are your socks different from Seal Skinz socks? Those are advertised to be waterproof, but my experience in two different pairs has not been so. 2. Are your socks really waterproof, as long as it’s below the cuff? 3. Does prolonged immersion in the water affect how long they keep the water out? 4. Is special laundering care required to maintain the waterproof ability?”

Their customer service department responded immediately with the following information:

NRS: "Thank you for your question. I understand the difficulties of keeping your feet dry & warm in winter paddling – especially in winter canoeing. My feet always fall asleep from kneeling so long and get so cold from getting wet during portages!

To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to use the Boundary socks yet – but I have used the Seals Skinz and am familiar with both products. I’ll address your questions in the order you addressed them;

  1. The Boundary socks are different from the Seal Skinz in the fact they are a seam taped neoprene sock vs a Spandex sock with a waterproof membrane. The Boundary socks are going to be thicker and warmer – but not as breathable.

  2. Your feet will likely sweat in both pairs but they are completely waterproof below the cuff.

  3. Prolonged immersion in the water does not affect how long they keep the water out – as long as it’s below the cuff. In my opinion the Seal Skinz won’t last as long at the Boundary Socks. Once the liner of the Seal Skinz socks is punctured the socks won’t be waterproof. The Boundary socks are thicker and it’s much more difficult to penetrate the neoprene material (it’s essentially rubber).

  4. Special laundering care is required in the Seal Skinz to preserve the waterproof membrane –hand washing. Both pairs of socks would need rinsed after use in saltwater.

    I hope this answers your questions. If there is anything else I can do for you please give me a call at 800-635-5202 or respond to this email."

    I placed an order for a pair for my husband and a pair for myself yesterday. We both intend to wear them over regular socks (to wick sweat) and will wear comfortable water shoes over them.

    NRS called me early this morning to say they were on backorder, but are expected to arrive any day. I expressed my appreciation at letting me know of a possible delay and that I would wait for them. I have dealt with NRS before and I think they have great customer service.

    Hope this helps…